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A New Era in Rodent Control with Advanced Monitoring Technology is here

A New Era in Rodent Control with Advanced Monitoring Technology

PestSense is excited to unveil its second generation rodent control technology, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of today’s pest controllers. Our latest hardware is a game-changer in the industry, featuring sophisticated capabilities to weigh rodenticide and track motion within the station. This innovative approach not only enhances the accuracy of pest monitoring but also significantly improves the efficiency of rodent management practices.

Precision in Pest Management

The PestSense Predictor range of products is engineered to offer unparalleled precision in monitoring rodent activity, even able to determine if you have rats or mice. By accurately weighing the rodenticide, PestSense provides real-time data on bait consumption, allowing pest controllers to gauge the severity of infestation and the effectiveness of their intervention strategies. This level of detail ensures that you are always one step ahead in your pest management efforts.

Dual-Function Hardware: Smart Snap Trap and Precision Weighing in One

Our innovative hardware uniquely combines two critical functions in a single device: precise rodenticide weighing and smart snap trap monitoring. Equipped with advanced motion sensors, the system not only tracks rodenticide consumption but also detects the activation of snap traps. This integration transforms conventional snap traps into intelligent monitoring tools, instantly alerting pest controllers upon trap activation. With this dual capability, our hardware elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of pest control, providing real-time insights and responses in managing rodent infestations.

Advanced Software for Streamlined Pest Management

PestSense goes beyond just hardware innovation; it integrates cutting-edge software solutions to redefine efficiency in pest control. Our software is a powerhouse of data analytics and report generation, designed to simplify and enhance the pest management process. With features like automated report writing, pest controllers can easily document and analyze infestation patterns, treatment effectiveness, and bait consumption trends. This not only saves valuable time but also provides clients with detailed, professional reports. The software’s intuitive interface allows for real-time monitoring and data analysis, enabling pest controllers to make informed decisions and implement strategic, environmentally responsible pest control measures. By harnessing the power of our software, PestSense empowers professionals to deliver top-tier pest management services with a focus on sustainability and client satisfaction.

Join the PestSense Revolution

For pest controllers seeking to elevate their service offerings and embrace the latest in pest management technology, PestSense is the answer. Our product represents a significant leap forward in the industry, combining advanced technology with practical, environmentally conscious solutions. Experience the future of rodent control with PestSense and set a new standard in pest management excellence.